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Every time citizens spend money, they’re casting a vote for the world they want.
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  • Purpose

    Over quality & price
    People of today are more proud, advocating and emotionally connected to brands driven by purpose instead of cost or quality. 

  • Prosumption

    Over consumption
    People of today want to co-create value with brands in order to feel belongingness and self-realization as consumers, employees & investors.

  • Branding

    Over marketing
    People of today expect companies to “walk their talk” and independent peers to “talk their walk” to qualify as a trusted, engaging brand. 

Did you know?

⅔ consumers worldwide now will buy or boycott brands
solely based on their environmental & social beliefs.

(2018 Edelman Study)


Connecting sustainable demand & supply is tricky!

If you are a sustainable brand today, the good news is that you have an advantage when dealing with 65% of citizens today. The bad news is that you are currently losing 39% of these potential customers with an intent to buy sustainably.
Why? Knowing which brand performs best on cherished social or environmental causes is not straightforward!
Three of the main barriers preventing sustainable consumption are exactly 1) awareness, 2) confusion and 3) trust in the company’s sustainability claims.

(2019 HBR Study; 2020 Conference Board Study)

Did you know?

66% of consumers today will switch from products they typically
buy to a purpose brand when aware.

(2018 Cone Study)

In the past

Why the old ways of sustainability branding are failing?

Even the most heroic sustainability practice can go unnoticed or backfire without the right branding side-kick.
The current media options each have their weaknesses yet share a kryptonite:
They do not empower a company to accumulate credit, a comparable competitive advantage, incentivized word of mouth and a resonating co-created brand.

Did you know?

The valuation of brands with high environmental & social purpose has outgrown
low purpose brands by +105% over the last 12 years.

(2020 Kantar)

In the future

The bridge to a sustainable brand is paved with availability & involvement

Today, the consumer decision journey is pulled rather than pushed, cyclical rather than one-off, and social rather than isolated.
The future of sustainability branding caters to these modern buyers by giving them the information and role they need, organically at each stage of the developing relationship.
This way, people will helpfully spread love and loyally come back in a happy, ongoing viral spiral - rather than the opposite.

(Google & McKinsey Model)

What do our customers say?

hoodHeroes helps us understand our changing customer segment and their expectations.

Christina Bilgrav, CTO, Ladybox

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