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Welcome to the
sustainability ecosystem,


Reaching for sustainability is a mission
for a community ... for a ‘hood of heroes

In our world there are so many
incredible companies & citizens
with complementary causes & competencies
that need a mere connection to create
environmental & societal magic.

All actors of the sustainability market
have a role to play - some even multiple roles.

‘hoodHeroes serves as the infrastructure
connecting everybody as partners.

Roles of the ecosystem

Learn more about each role to find the right one for you.


Any consumer, employee or investor with an ambition
to shop, work or invest with positive impact.
No expertise needed, just a value-driven and
constructive outlook. 

1) Rate & review the appreciation of
brand sustainability initiatives.

2) Express your sustainable voice on
your profile and follow others’. 

3) Earn ‘hoodKarma points, badges and
a ranking on the hero high-score.

Achieve positive impact in everyday life to be proud of.



A professional individual or organization
with significant experience and knowledge
within the science of sustainability.

Rate & review the impact of brand
sustainability initiatives & overall footprint,
proactively or on-demand.

Make your sustainability expertise a force for good,
while creating a reputation and even income for yourself.



Public figures & media organizations devoted
to educating and inspiring the public on
sustainable causes through
blogs, vlogs, articles and SoMe posts.

1) Showcase all your sustainable initiatives
& content on your profile. 

2) Impact & champion campaigns with sustainable
companies, proactively or on-demand

Accumulate the impact and value of your sustainable brand
by assembling it all in one home.



Companies - big and small, for-profit and
not-for-profit, B2B and B2C, and everything
in-between - with an ambition to show
and grow their brand sustainability.

1) Showcase your sustainability ambitions
and practices on your profile and
other channels. 

2) Collaborate with the other ecosystem
actors to grow your brand

3) Learn how to improve your
sustainability resonance

Attract and retain sustainable-minded stakeholders better.


Solution providers

Suppliers with specialized sustainability
offerings - within consultancy, services,
manufacturing, auditing, and you name it -
capable of helping companies solve their
specific sustainability challenges.

1) Showcase your sustainability solutions
on your profile and other channels. 

2) Find & collaborate with brands on
growing their sustainability,
proactively or on-demand.

Grow awareness & legitimacy toward your target
clientele by being a part of the ‘hoodHeroes
matchmaking network.

Solution providers


Auditors, accountants, certification bodies
& other actors who legitimately can help
build vital trust in brand sustainability
by testamenting to its factuality.

1) Verify & refute brand sustainability claims,
proactively or on-demand

2) Manage (mis)uses of your certification
labels by companies

Grow awareness & legitimacy toward your target
clientele by spreading your “stamp of approval”
in a controllable manner.



Marketplace platforms - comparing
products, jobs, services, etc. across
different brands - with an ambition
to add sustainability as an additional
differentiating parameter.

1) Showcase a summary of the sustainability
of companies on your platform.

2) Allow your users to filter & sort companies
on sustainability rating and causes.

3) Compare the effect of sustainability
- against other parameters - on popularity
of items and of platform.

Evolve & differentiate your portal to cater to
sustainable users with a plug & play data integration.


Let's partner up!

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